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Vision 2021 For The United States

The United States needs to focus all the good ideas we have for transforming the facilities and infrastructure industries. Chris Moor initiated a project in 2013 to create a vision for what the facilities industry could look like in 2021, and several organizations supported the effort to produce that vision. While we are just about to 2021, it provides a good read to judge progress perceived and progress realized as a tool to predict the future. It is no longer available from NIBS, but is available in 2 formats - Novel Form and Case Study Format.

Building Information Management (BIM) Council [formerly the buildingSMART Alliance]

This is the home of the National BIM Standard - United States™ -and the United States National CAD Standard© , both of which Deke Smith initiated while he was the bSA Executive Director until December 2014 when buildingSMART alliance was no longer a chapter of buildingSMART International.

The BIMC is now an independent council of NIBS with no official ties to buildingSMART International.

A new United States chapter of buildingSMART International will be formed soon. 

buildingSMART International 

This is the home for all buildingSMART activities worldwide. There are now at least twenty chapters of bSI worldwide. It is the home of openBIM - Deke  was on the Executive Committee of bSI for 7 years.  

Deke remains involved in the bSI awards program, in which he has served in an official role since its inception in 2014. 

Deke is also involved with the Use Case Management effort to develop a schema for use case classification. 

Construction Criteria Base (CCB) and Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG)

Deke, working with Tom Rutherford in the Naval Facilities Command and Earle Kennet of NIBS in the early 1980's worked to develop the CCB which then grew into the WBDG. While this tool was developed initially for the DoD, it has grown into a resource for both the public and private sectors, truly embodying the enabling legislation for the National Institute of Building Sciences.