DKS Information Consulting, LLC / Dana K. Smith


Transforming the facilities and infrastructure industries in the United States so that we remain competitive worldwide.


  All pertinent facility information is collected and maintained during standard life-cycle business processes to support accurate business decisions.   


  •    Provide consulting services to support the facility and infrastructure industries from the practitioner to the owners as they transform into the information age.
  •   Quantify improvements in the business process and identify return on investment.
  •   Maintain a network of experts to address improvements in all facets of the capital facility industry.


  • DKS Information Consulting represents a consulting network oriented toward all aspects of the facility and related infrastructure - ready to solve the most complex issues.
  • Deke Smith has experience from surveying and field engineering to enterprise business process documentation, re-engineering, strategic visioning, planning, and policy establishment.
  • His experience ranges from the field to the drawing board to the CIO world and includes software development management.
  • Deke can bring all aspects of problem-solving to help you get the best return on your investment.
  • Whether you are in the strategic planning phase or in a disaster recovery phase, DKS Information Consulting has the experience you need to get the job done.
  • DKS Information Consulting has demonstrated product delivery in every situation.